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Why choose DEIT?

video surveillance

The DEIT Industrial Park has a video surveillance system as well as permanent security inside the facilities, providing security to its operations.


The Industrial Park DEIT, is located 5 minutes from Villahermosa, providing a strategic location for the transfer of goods or services.


Renowned companies have relied on the DEIT Industrial Park to start up their operations in the State of Tabasco due to their strategic importance.


The Industrial Park DEIT, has water treatment plant, wastewater treatment, electrical substation, always in constant monitoring.


The Industrial Park DEIT, has the maintenance services that compose it, always guaranteeing the operation of its activities.


The Industrial Park DEIT has all the regulations and permits before the authorities and complies with the regulations of Industrial Park cleansed, guaranteeing all the operations of our clients.

Our commitment to our customers

Do business with us and together we detect your needs and offer solutions for your business. No project is too big, and no time frame is too urgent. Whether you need more space, less space or different spaces, we are here to help you. We invest in relationships and work to help our clients stay ahead of what will come next.